Girls Football @ Bookham Colts

With the help of KickStart Coaching we are trying to introduce girls football to Bookham Colts.

We are looking initially at 7-12 years olds to start of with and see how we get on from there. if there is demand for younger or older we can easily grow it and offer to other age groups quite quickly.

Price will be ‘pay per play’ £4 a week. or £12 for the month (4 weeks) which works out at £3.00 a week.   The sessions will be held at Kennel Lane recreation ground / Ashwood Park on a Sunday morning (when there are no games) at 11:00.  We have a provisional start date of 7th December.

Interested? Click the email icon at the top right.

We would really like a parent to come forward to help us and Kickstart get this off the ground.

Any comments or ideas also welcome



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