Date: 04.01.18

KG5 Site

There has been loads of talk about the conversion of the old underused tennis courts at KG5, into a 3G surface for use by the good folk of Effingham, Bookham and the surrounding areas, so here are a few words to tell you where we actually stand at the beginning of 2018.


Provisionally the total cost of the project is coming in at between £140-£150k, to convert the area to a state of the art 3G surface. Bookham Colts will have exclusive use of the site for training at certain times for a seven year period from its completion and the community will benefit from a fine new facility to allow those currently not involved in exercise to get out and do it.


With fundraising carried out principally by and on behalf of Bookham Colts we have raised in the region of £70,000 which puts us half way to reaching our target. In addition to that, we have been working hard to chivvy Grants from a variety of sources. We have had some success so far with Guildford Borough Council, with the CO-OP Local Support (see CO-OP article) and other Grants and initiatives are being worked on or in the pipeline for 2018.

Much more of that, explaining exactly what new initiatives will be coming very shortly.


So what does that leave us to get by the end of the year, it is still hoped that we will be completing the project in November 2018. Currently with other pledges taken into consideration we need to raise a further £40k, so we are about ¾ of the way there, which is pretty amazing. So with the new initiatives we will need your help to get us across the line.

Anybody willing to stick their hands up to help with raising this last chunk of money please contact Mike Creffield (Michaelcreffield@yahoo.co.uk) our Chairman or Andy Cassie (andy.cassie@outlook.com).