Date: 04.01.18

Now many of you shop at the local CO-OP, and why not – excellent produce and you still get some divvy (as us olduns used to call it). What you may not be aware of is that they choose 3 projects to support locally for a year and ours is one of them.

1% of what you spend (if you are a member and you should be) goes to support these local projects, so we automatically get 1/3 of the total raised. Last year it was in the region of £10k, so its worth the effort.

What you can also do as a member is to pledge all of your charitable givings to one project – in our case the EVRT 3G Project (that’s us in case you hadn’t guessed). It’s worth a couple of minutes of your time to do it, and if you are not members, well then you should be, join.

Try the link to see what you need to do to pledge all of your giving to us.

The year runs till the end of October 2018, so get your CO-OP membership and help us to get more support, we have ten months to get some more funding.