Falcons unbeaten run comes to an end

Apologies, as  this weeks incumbent was a bit jaded from the night before and having to survive the kangaroo court of Lisa ,Helen and Laura about a very badly parked black transit van in the car park, did not make it any easier! Supporting the Falcons has been a lot of fun so far and the crowd were expectant of some more fantasy football and possibly another high scoring game.

The pitch ( or paddock in the burrows fantasy worldEmoji)was still holding out for an 8 out of 10. Maybe the FA could spend some of the £300 million allocated for grass roots football on making school pitches level?
So with Kieran and Jake starting as subs, the line up was Dan in goal, Ollie and Jamie holding the defence, Captain Sam left mid, Harley center, Adam right and Will looking to add to his goal tally up front. The first 5 minutes we should make a template up for the match report! The boys looking not switched on and let Teddington dominate the early exchanges. This resulted in a quick 2-0 lead and if it was not for a great diving save from Dan it could have been more!
“Don’t worry boys we have been here before” the parent’s called out and at this point the senior mascots arrive (connor being the junior member!) Jakes Nan and Grandad stroll over just in time for the boys to realize that the whistle, 5 minutes before,was the start of the match! The boys now dust themselves down and live up to their name of the “come-back kings.”
The pressure  eases from Teddington,with Adam making some great runs down the right and looking sharp. Jamie has a great shot before Will finally hits a well placed shot into the right of the goal to give us all some hope. Kieran and Jake then came on for Adam and Jamie, with Jake showing a few neat touches before deciding there was enough time for a few kick ups before shooting. Obviously this was drilled in at training on Wednesday? Bookham finish the half stronger and now looking warmed up with some decent strikes from Will,Ollie and Sam, with Dan keeping goal well when needed.
The second half kicks off with Adam and Jamie replacing Harley and Sam. The boys carry on from the first half with Jake making a good run before unleashing a powerful shot that cannons off the post. Then some neat work on the left from Sam sees his shot make it’s way into the Teddington goal to level the game at 2-2 and my betting was on a Bookham victory.
But Teddington were still making dangerous runs with their big striker proving a real handful, but we witnessed some great tracking back and tackling from Ollie, Sam, Jamie and Kieran. The next chance falls to Will with the mums in unison screaming “go on Will” in full high pitch but it goes just wide. The last 2 subs, Harley and Sam came on for Ollie and Will with the game still in the balance. But with 5 minutes left Teddington again find their striker unmarked and he finishes with a decent shot into the corner to make it 3 -2  to Teddington and they soon add a similar goal to make it 4-2 with the clock ticking down.
Still the boys showed their great team spirit. Adam skilling up a few players at a time but being crowded out by their defence and some decent passing moves from Harley and Jake. According to my scribbled notes the Falcons had 10 shots on target, but sadly today their great run has come to an end finishing 4-2 to Teddington. Ollie proudly picked up the man of the match award that could have gone to most of the team, so well done Ollie!
And so the boys have a rest for a few weeks having scored 26 goals in the first 7 matches and finding the net in every game. Well done to all the boys and coaching staff, the trophy event awaits after half term so let’s hope the fixtures man is not to harsh on us! A darkened room awaits, not to get over the game but to sleep off last night’s excesses.