So here is a little update as to where we’ve reached with funding in the middle of December 2018. As you might be able to see from the fundraising bar on the home page, we are very near to complete this monumental task, just under 90% there. With what we hope will be the final costs now in, the sum we need to raise is now no more than £125,000 in total, in fact it may well be less.

With support in the form of Grants from Guildford Borough Council (£10,000) and a Grant of £20,000 from the London Marathon Community Trust, coupled with other fundraising activity from our club and the community in the past couple of years, we now have confirmed funds in excess of £110,000.

With the Crowdfunding target of £10,000-see,
now beginning to come together and with a whole host of other opportunities being pursued, we hope that all costs will be covered in the very near future. Over £1,000 has been added in the last week, so lets keep it going – spread the word especially amongst the local community!

However, we aren’t quite there yet, so all contributions, no matter how small are still very much welcomed. Go to the Just Giving page to do your bit if you fancy and please tell others, this isn’t just for us but the whole of the local community. Anybody who has any other thoughts on finishing this project off please speak to either Mike Creffield ( or Andy Cassie (