U10 Falcons Vs Ashtead

Falcons go 6 and 0 (To start quoting sports other than football)


Firstly the match reporter for the week sends his apologies for the delay in post-match script, he was having a lay down in a dark room to let his heart rate recover again and that has taken until now! How many more times this season will the boys do this to us poor parents!


So the sixth match of an impressive start to the season saw Bookham play away from home against Ashtead at West Ashtead school. In keeping with tradition (if you can call something a tradition after six games) the day started with the parents review of the pitch. Sloping from side to side and grass kept too long for my liking, could only possibly score  6/10. Personally I think the opposition are now watching us week to week and telling the groundsmen to not cut the grass in an effort to stop our boys….. they will have to try harder than that.


So the game kicked off with Ollie as the only sub, Dan in goal, back line of Kieran and Jamie, Alex holding firm in centre midfield, Jake on the right, Owen on the left and Will up front. (I think that’s the cheats way of making sure everyone gets a name check!) Captain for the day was Jake and boy was that to prove a good call as the game progressed.


In what has now become Bookham’s standard start, early pressure was all coming from Ashtead. For some reason our lads seem to like the idea of coming back from being behind and this week they didn’t have to wait long to be put in that position. With only moments of the game having taken place, Ashtead carved Bookham open like Beare Grills carves open his latest catch. Passing the ball straight through the middle of the pitch to the centre forward who needed no second invitation to put Ashtead one nil ahead. I have to say at this moment I was fearing the worst but I shouldn’t have worried, the boys had a game plan.


The next passage of play was largely Bookham’s as they began to find their feet. Good pressure being applied all over the pitch and efforts just wide from Will and Jake showed Bookham were not about to be steam rolled by anyone. Just to keep the boys switched on Ashtead played their part too and came closest to scoring a second with a shot that hit the post. Jamie was next to try with a shot from distance that ended up left of the Ashtead post. The game at this stage was well balanced and play moved from one end to the other. That was until Ashtead (who had clearly been watching how are boys shoot from distance) took a long shot of their own. Now came one of those moments that seemed to take forever to actually happen. All supporter clenched and cries of “OHHHHHH” could be heard as the ball sailed towards the top corner of the goal, but like a like the true superstar he is proving to be, Dan had it covered. Arms aloft he grabbed the ball in mid-flight and we could all breath again. Great save Dan.


The rest of the half belonged to Bookham, Jake who was instrumental in getting the passing play going, gave a great cross field pass to Owen who hit his shot just wide. More good work from Jake resulted in a corner to Bookham which unfortunately didn’t result in a shot on goal this time. Will then went off for Ollie to have his go at breaking down the Ashtead defence. More good play from the boys was backed up with another great save from the cat in goal, all the boys playing really well but with no end result to even out the score line. The half finished with a good run down the right by Owen who crossed to Ollie. Visions of last week’s win against St Gertrude’s flashed in front of my eyes but this time Ollie was unable to dig the ball out from beneath his feet and slot it home. The first half was to finish 1-0.


Second half saw a tactical switch by Tony and Mark (probably more like just giving all the boys fair time on the pitch but I had to find some way of giving them a name check too!) Pushing Ollie back into defence, and Jamie taking his turn off the pitch as sub. The second half started very much as the first had finished, Bookham largely on top but no shots on target to talk of. Ashtead too applied the pressure and a goal mouth scramble in Bookhams area sent heart rates racing evening higher! Still no second goal though. Jamie then came back on and Jake switched wings with Owen. Not sure if this confused Ashtead or not but moments later Bookham were on level terms. Will working well with Owen found himself in the box and put a great shot into the corner past the keeper. 1-1 and Bookham were ready to take control.


Ashtead were not done yet and played on the counter attack when they could, Dan had them all covered though and continued to play his part. Kieran who to this point hasn’t had a name check despite being absolutely all over the pitch, all game, playing a blinder, closing out all opportunities, decided he needed to do something the reporter would note down! Having watched his mates all shoot from distance (standard part of being a defender for Bookham) he decided to take a speculative shot from the half way line. Owen who had, to be honest been receiving pelters from his dad to this point, decided he too wanted to  shut his dad up and spun on the spot to connect with his “left foot” (apparently) and guide the ball from Kieran into the corner of the net. 1-2 to Bookham.


So with Bookham now in the lead the play once again went from end to end. Great team work throughout the pitch, with the boys really passing well between them. Jamie had another shot from distance and I feel it won’t be long before he finds his range and we get another goal of the season contender. Ollie and Kieran playing fantastically in defence basically stopping any chance Ashtead had to attack. Move of the match for me came next, Jamie picking the ball up in his own penalty box, skilling up two boys (I think that’s what they call it now a days) as he moved with the ball to the half way line before taking another long shot on. Alex too was playing well in midfield, doing all the clearing up and setting the boys on more attacking moves, new supporters on the side lines for Alex I’m sure were suitably impressed. The whole team were playing well and showing why they are so hard to beat this season.


Even pressure for the final few minutes saw the game finish up with a 1-2 away win for Bookham. I say the game finished but to be honest had the boys played on until the referee’s final whistle they could still be playing now. Not sure the poor young lady had enough puff to make the whistle make a sound after trying to keep up with that game. She decided the best thing to do was just walk off the pitch and by doing so hope the boys realised the game was over!


Well done to everyone, really did very well. It certainly must have been a close call for man of the match which eventually went to a very deserving Kieran. Keep it up boys, here’s to the next game.


Up the Falcons!