U10 Falcons Vs St Gertrudes

Well I win the prize for the best (if somewhat inappropriately) dressed reporter! Thank you to Alan for your lovely comments when I arrived, how I have missed you wit and sense of humour. Now that my fingers have thawed out I will attempt to replicate the amazing reporting that has gone on so far this season. Now what game were we playing……. oh yes football. Please excuse the terminology as I have no football terms in my repertoire. This could well be the worst report yet, however hopefully that will make it my only attempt.
Firstly pitch description/marks out of 10, flatish green area don’t think I’m qualified to judge but I’d like to gallop over it!
Todays rested player was Dan. In goal for the first half was Adam, defence Jamie & Sam, mid field Jake, Harley, Owen attacking mid (whatever that is!) and Will up front. I told you my knowledge was limited (had help from a small person!!).
Bit of a murky start both weather and play. Good early save by Adam. With some excellent defence from Jamie. Then followed the first of many lessons from the ref on how to throw the ball in, maybe a bit of time needed by both sides on the training pitch (or was the ref just being a bit picky!). Swiftly followed by some great passing up the field and an unlucky shot from Owen. Shortly followed by a good shot from Will, unfortunately too many defenders got in his way, but this led to a corner which was nicely taken by Owen however the target could not be found. Excellent pressure from Jake, Will & Owen led to another corner which was again well taken by Owen. Yet more tuition given to the opposition on how to throw in! But the ref seemed to approve of Jamie’s technique (the only player to get one in play on the first attempt!!) Lots of scrabbling around in the goal mouth from our boys leading to yet another corner from Owen. Lots of great passing but still no elusive goal. Loads of good pressure from Owen. Will, Sam & Jake were subbed off replaced by Alex, Ollie & Kieran (so busy writing I hadn’t noticed my son wasn’t on the pitch til now!) Good pass up the field from Kieran unfortunately Owen’s shot was wide. Jamie got off a cracking shot from centre line. St. Gertrudes were quick off the mark with a counter attack (I do know a few football terms!) but nicely saved by Adam. The ball was quickly back up the field again with a cracking cross from Owen which was finished fantastically by Ollie! Finally the goal we’d been so close to was ours 1-0 to Bookham Colts. Some fine passing from the opposition but another good save from Adam. Straight back up our end for another corner, this time Alex took it. Great strike of the ball but unfortunately Alex could do with a bigger pitch (just getting in practice for next season 9v9). Kieran had a good strike up the field which led to another throw on. Some good defensive play by our boys & another fine save from Adam. Unfortunately Adam managed to give away a corner but followed it up with another great save. More great defending by Jamie & Kieran. A great clearance by Kieran and some good skills from Harley. Ball kept going end to end. Hairy moment when Adam came out to defend but St Gertrude unable to take advantage. Excellent cross from Alex leading to another corner from Jamie, followed by a throw in from Harley, Jamie unlucky not to find the goal.
Phew that’s the first half over with! Just time to flex the fingers, writers cramp setting in. Time to retouch the lippie, take on board refreshments (quick rolo to keep up then energy levels) and I’m ready to go again. Ref was having a quick bit of goal practice during the interval, not a bad striker!
Now for the second half. Harley has taken over in the psychedelic goalie top. Jamie, Ollie & Owen get a rest, replaced by Will, Sam & Jake. Early shot from the opposition but Harley well up for it with a good save. Good defence from Kieran. Ball quickly up to our end and back again. Good header clearance but managed to get a goal kick. Some good passing back up to the other end with Will unlucky not to score. Opposition get a good shot in but ball went wide. More attempts by opposition but good clearance from Kieran. Jake makes excellent pass to Sam, bit of shoving from the opposition but we played on fairly! Another corner from Jake with a great shot from Adam, followed by another corner from Jake but resulting in their goal kick. Great passing up the field by Kieran and fantastic shot from Jake. Adam then took a corner. Rough tackle from the opposition and Kieran went down, still alive and managed to limp off subbed by Jamie (no time to check on his condition too busy writing). Some great work from Harley with a few saves. Play went back and forth, boys beginning to tire. Bit more throwing practice for the blues! Another quick sub Owen on, Sam off. Alex had a great shot but saved by the keeper. Lots of good pressure from our boys but no shots available. Owen, clearly tired, decided to have a quick lie down in the box! He was unfortunate to give away a hand ball whilst trying to get up. Will off Ollie on. Good effort by Owen in the box and another corner from Jake but still not able to finish. Ball back up the other end with a great shot from the blues but fantastic save from Harley. Straight back up to the other end with a great shot from Ollie which was unfortunately saved by their keeper. We got yet another corner (I’ve lost count how many we’re up to!). Lots of excitement and very tense last few minutes, with lots of effort on both sides but 1-0 score at full time. We were unfortunate not to have scored a few more but well played boys.
Man of the match went to Harley with some great mid field play, lots of skills and followed up by some excellent goal keeping.
I’m off for a lie down this is too much like hard work!! I think they’d like me to make lunch too.