The purpose of the club is to provide all local children the opportunity to play football at a level that is best suited to their ability.
This objective is supplemented with a number of codes of conduct and guidelines backed by the FA and this provides a clear framework that all those involved in the club must operate within.

Whist the objective of the team on the pitch is to win, the club values the overall enjoyment of all those involved in playing and watching Football and the development of the players as its priority.
Accordingly Bookham Colts does not support a ‘win at all costs’ culture as this is often in stark contrast to Player Development.

The Club is committed to Player development and to providing the best possible playing experience for players from the age of 4 to 18 and to providing an introduction to Senior football whilst still in the youth teams and a pathway into Senior teams thereafter.

Bookham Colts are fortunate with the number of teams we have in each age group therefore this allows us to offer opportunities to appropriately challenge all levels of ability. We support the movement of players across teams enabling players to play at the level most suited to their ability.